Releases: In Tha Umbra - Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle...
In Tha UmbraArtist: In Tha Umbra
Title: Thus Open Thine Eerie Wings Like An Eagle...
Catalog number: ARcd059d
Format: Limited Double CD
Genre: Death/Doom/Black/Prog Metal
Origin: Portugal
Release date: 2008
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Band's 4th album. Critics have already wrote: I don't think these guys left any stone unturned or any bridge uncrossed. Seriously, who sits and thinks to mix death and black in with some rock and some prog and some female vocals and a whole of of just plain weirdness? Evidently these guys do. And with balls as big as theirs, you can make a sure bet the pull it off well (Dirt Culture). Mixed and mastered at ZipMix studio with Daniel Cardoso behind the desk.

This is a double CD edition. In price of one CD you get two. The new album and the 3rd album Nigrium Nigrius Nigro come together!