Releases: Shibalba - Nekrologie Sinistrae
ShibalbaArtist: Shibalba
Title: Nekrologie Sinistrae
Catalog number: ARcd212LTD
Format: Limited slipcase CD w/ patch
Genre: trance / shamanic
Origin: Greece
Release date: 2020
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Limited to 100 numbered copies digipak CD with exclusive slipcase and emrboidered gold sigil patch

SHIBALBA is a project whose main focus is set on expressing shamanic, trance-like music, by the use of ethnic instruments and musical technics peculiar to religious rituals. The new album "Nekrologie Sinistrae (Orchestral Noise Opus I)" for the first time introduces industrial elements to the band's sound.

Alongside traditional instruments (such as Tibetan horns & singing bowls, bone & horne trumpets, darbukas, ceremonial bells & gongs or percussion instruments made of bones and skulls) the band incorporates contemporary synthesizers and guitar drones. The music is richly detailed and multidimensional, while its outcome is deep, unsettling and subconscious, offering an otherworldly voyage.

The new album was recorded, mixed and mastered by George Emmanuel (Lucifer's Child/ex-Rotting Christ) at Pentagram Studio in Greece. Giacome Del Po's painting "At The Gates Of Hell" graces the cover artwork.

1. ?????? Tunnel A
2. ?????? Tunnel ?
3. ?????? Tunnel ?
4. ?????? Tunnel ?
5. ?????? Tunnel ?
6. ?????? Tunnel ?
7. ?????? Tunnel ?
8. ?????? Tunnel ?