Every year at a desolated area deep within the Swedish forest, on top of the abandoned mining site of Grängesberg, there is festival arranged which is pretty much one of a kind. This festival is Gamrocken, the only Swedish 2-day outdoor gathering focusing entirely on death metal, black metal, grind core and harder forms of punk. This year Agonia Records have become a sponsor of the festival. 

Besides the 30 international- and national acts (including Vomitory, Hypocrisy, Unleashed, Azarath and Asphyx among other artists) the festival offers an experience out of the ordinary with very affordable and good service including various types of food, drinks and accommodations. At the festival-market you’ll find a unique selection of merchandise, records, jewelry, art etc.


Stage 1 (mainstage outdoors) This is the largest stage in the park. Outdoors but everything, including the audience, is protected by a huge roof. Stage 2 (mainstage indoors) Indoor stage located in a large rotunda. Stage 3 (small stage outdoors) Outdoor stage located in the park.
The festival's camping is both the most fun and cheapest option to spend your nights during the festival. The campsite is located inside the festival area and is open from 17:00 on Thursday 30 May until 17:00 on Sunday June 2. You are welcome to bring your tent, caravan or motorhome to the site. It is strictly forbidden to light any kind of fire at the camp site and this includes grills and portable stoves. There is access to electricity in the area but you have to bring your own power cables.

The 4-star Best Western Plus Grand Hotel Elektra in Ludvika offer good discounts to all Gamrocken visitors. The facilities are located approx. 15 minute drive from the festival area. The hotel has a relaxation area with Jacuzzi, steam room and gym, open nonstop 24-hour a day. Breakfast is served during weekdays from 6:30 AM to 9:30 AM and on weekends from 7:00 AM to 11:00 AM. The hotel can serve breakfast at your room for an additional fee.
Getting to Grängesberg is easy. The park is located just a short walk from both the bus- and train stations and right next to highway 50. For example, the train connections from both Stockholm and Oslo are very good.

The street- and postal address of Grängesberg Folkets Park is:
SE-772 31 Grängesberg

Travel times to Grängesberg:
From Stockholm: 2.5 hours by car
From Oslo: 4 hours by car

We offer night buses from the festival to Best Western Plus Hotel in Ludvika. This is a very convenient way of getting home or, for example, to the hotel in Ludvika. Make sure to book well in advance in order to secure a seat. The buses depart from the entrance of Folkets Park at 1:30 PM both nights.
The age limit for the festival is 18 years and this goes also for children and youths accompanied by adults. Be sure to have a valid ID available when you trade your ticket for a festival pass at the entrance. If we suspect that you are a minor and you can’t provide us an ID you will not be granted access, sorry.

Gamrocken offers you a full range of good food and drinks at very reasonable prices. There are three bars placed strategically at the festival area meaning you have always easy access to drinks and refreshments. Due to the festivals age limit alcohol beverages bought at the bars are also allowed in front of the stages.
The desolated place, a village in which life once dwelled but now abandoned buildings have taken over. Since the local mining industry - once the third largest in Sweden - closed down their operations in 1989 the population has drastically reduced, today there are around 3500 inhabitants left in Grängesberg. Traces of the past can be witnessed in many different ways as there are many abandoned objects to see, ranging from large rock areas to residential buildings. Several of the houses that were built to accommodate the workers and their families are still there but in very bad condition and abandoned. In case of war shelters were needed to accommodate a large number of people on a small surface and also those steel and concrete structures are there somewhere, forgotten underground. Most parts of the mine and tunnels are today filled with water, some of these are located right beneath the festival area…
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