Swedish melodic death/doom metallers IN MOURNING have started recording their new studio album, successor to "Afterglow" from 2016. Their choice fell on Black Lounge recording studio and producer Jonas Kjellgren, with whom the band recorded their first three studio albums.  

Recordings commenced early March, with bass guitar tracking already completed, and cover artwork finished by Kristian Wåhlin (Bathory, At The Gates, King Diamond). Last weekend IN MOURNING took a short break during which the band played at Denmark's Temple Of Doom Days Festival. At the moment the five-piece is back in studio and well into guitar tracking. 

"It's going well. Good times", comments guitarist and vocalist, Björn Pettersson. "Drums and bass are done and those two gentlemen did some outstanding work with their instruments. Rhythm guitars are being tracked and coffee is being drunk, we're nearing the end of rhythm guitar tracking by now and it's all sounding really beefy. We're really being meticulous this time and I think both our tone and our playing is better than ever. We recorded drums and bass over at Black Lounge studio together with Jonas Kjellgren, like we did for our first three records and we're tracking the guitars at Tobias home studio room with some gear and guidance from Jonas. It will be a hard punching and beautiful beast of an album and we're of course super stoked to get it recorded and released".

Hailed by many as the heir to Opeth's melodeath throne, IN MOURNING was formed in the Swedish woods in the year 2000. Since then, the band has evolved, striving to refine its sound to what it is today. Musically, the group blends a broad spectrum of influences into a foundation of melodic death metal. Thrusting from doomy metal-riffs, blasting drumbeats and deep growling vocals, to calm breezes of clean flowing melodies and harmonies. Their last album "Afterglow" has been released to critical acclaim in 2016. In the meantime, the band also re-released its third album, "The Weight Of Oceans" (2012) - a mythology inspired conceptual story that journeys to the sea.

IN MOURNING is planning on keeping fans up to date on the progress of their fifth studio album by regular updates via social channels listed below.

IN MOURNING line-up:
Tobias Netzell - vocals, guitars
Tterrab Dys - bass
Björn Pettersson - guitars, vocals
Tim Nedergård - guitars
Joakim Strandberg-Nilsson - drums

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