Swedish death metal unit CENTINEX have revealed a new song from their upcoming album "Doomsday Rituals", which drops on July 8th via Agonia Records. The new song is titled "Sentenced to Suffer" and it has been made available in the form of lyric video. Watch is exclusively via Terrorizer Magazine:

Earlier the band revealed the song "Exist To Feed", available here.

CENTINEX originated in 1990 as a riff-oriented part of the classic Swedish death metal movement and disbanded in 2005 after releasing eighth full-length albums. In 2014 they surprisingly resurfaced with a refreshed line-up of Martin Schulman (Demonical) on bass, Sverker Widgren (DemonicalDiabolical) on guitars, Alexander Högbom (October TideSpasmodic) on vocals and Kennet Englund (IntermentCentinex 1999-2003) on drums. Year 2014 also saw the release of their come-back record, "Redeeming Filth".

The band dosen't want the fans to be kept waiting another near-decade for a new album. Titled "Doomsday Rituals",  the record is a natural follow-up to "Redeeming Filth". Martin Schulman (bass) commented: "Heavy riffing, deep brutal vocals, everything from slow via mid-tempo to faster stuff, a perfect mix of the early 90's Florida and Stockholm sound".

"Doomsday Rituals" was recorded at Wing Studios with Sverker Widgren (CentinexDemonicalDiabolical) behind the knobs. The cover artwork was made by Bahrull Marta of Abomination Imagery.

Available formats:
Digipack CD.
- Regular Black LP.
Orange LP (limited to 150 copies).
- White, Grey and Black T-shirts.
- Regular "Doomsday Rituals" Black T-shirt.

Pre-orders are available here: digital / physical.

1. Flesh Passion
2. From Intact to Broken
3. Dismemberment Supreme
4. Generation of Flies
5. The Shameful Few
6. Doomsday
7. Exist to Feed
8. Death Decay Murder
9. Sentenced to Suffer
10. Faceless

Upcoming shows:
27.05 2016 USA - Baltimore (MD) - Maryland Deathfest
02.07 2016 ESP - Barcelona - Move Your Fucking Brain Extreme Fest
09.07 2016 AT - Scharnstein (Bäckerberg) - Sick Midsummer Fest
18.08 2016 GER - Barth - Barther Metal Open Air
27.08 2016 GER - Jena - Rock Am Wehr Festival
27.10 2016 SWE - Baltic Sea - Close-Up Cruise
29.10 2016 FIN - Turku - Turun Kuolema II
12.05 2017 CZE - Horni Libchava - NTEY Deathfest
13.05 2017 GER - Ahrensburg - Holsteiner Death Fest 

Listen to the song "Exist To Feed":

CENTINEX on-line: