Morbid Angel, Origin and Angelcorpse musicians, teamed up under the band name MALEFIC THRONE, have begun recording their debut studio album at Menegroth The Thousand Caves with Colin Marston (Gorguts, Origin, Atheist). Drummer John Longstreth hints at the album as "extremely brutal and infernal nuclear death metal."

Longstreth - acclaimed tech-death drummer virtuoso, primarily known from Origin, Hate Eternal and ex-Angelcorpse - had this to say on the ongoing recordings: "I am truly ecstatic to announce to you all that the recording for the up and comming debut by Malefic Throne on Agonia Records has begun, and the drum tracks are complete! If you're reading this then you are aware of our recent mini album release from 2022 and have an idea of what we intend to release upon the public. Upon listening back to the basic tracks, i am proud to say it's so much more than what the mini album hinted at. Every song here is a twisting maze that will provide for a truly challenging listen."

Longstreth continues: "We are recording this album at Menegroth The Thousand Caves with Colin Marston engineering and mastering, so you can be rest assured that this album is in the best hands and ears possible. It's all the extremely brutal and infernal nuclear death that you can expect from the 3 of us, but add that we have all traveled and honed our skills for the past 20 plus years since we initially met in 1997. On a personal note, this is the original type of death metal i cut my teeth on when i first started. Evil, fast, a touch euro thrashy, and beligerently pissed off. This is a return to roots, and I have a lot to say in this language. The drums are left wide open, raw, and live. You will hear a real band here. You will hear aggression, hellish self indulgence, you will hear a mistake or two. My promise is that you will hear total death metal with all of it's festering boyles and lesions left intact. Gene and Steve are next up and i can not wait to hear what they have in store for all of us. Tak care, death metal maniacs!"

By Gene and SteveLongstreth means his MALEFIC THORNE bandmates - founder & guitarist Gene Palubicki (Perdition Temple,ex-Angelcorpse) and vocalist & bassist Steve Tucker (frontman of Morbid Angel). The trio was put together by Palubicki in 2020, after initially having met at Morrisound in 1997, where both Angelcorpse and Morbid Angel were recording their own albums side to side. In 2022 they released a self-titled, four track EP, featuring the song "Deciding the Heirarchy", for which Longstreth recorded a playthrough video, courtesy of Meinl Cymbals (

MALEFIC THRONE is on Facebook and Instagram.