The long-running Italian progressive death metal act SADIST has finished what will be the band's ninth studio album and follow-up to 2018's "Spellbound", expected to be released in 2022 on Agonia Records.

In a recent interview with, SADIST mastermind Tommy Talamancasaid that the new album "Firescorched" can be described as "Sadist 2.0"."For those who already listened to the preview mix of the album, the most common adjective is fresh," explains Talamanca. "It really is the fastest Sadist album. For instance, you are going to hear blastbeats, and that has never happened before on a Sadist album." The album is also said to feature a very unsettling cover artwork, designed by Paolo Puppo. "We all love it, and can't wait to show it. It's probably the creepiest artwork we ever had." Talamanca continues in regard to various other "Firescorched" aspects: "The new album isn't a real concept album in the classical meaning of the word, despite the fact that most of the lyrics are somehow connected with a gloomy and anguished feeling which we called with a metaphor: 'Firescorched' precisely. Some lyrics are actually real horror stories, and the whole album itself sounds really creepy. I wrote all songs, but all lyrics are by Trevor. On top of that, we've just finished shooting a new video and around November the director should start working on it. We are taking our time, we wish to release something really cool, and this takes time."

Earlier in October, SADIST announced that the band has joined forces with Agonia Records, for the release of "Firescorched". Back then, Talamanca commented: "Partnering with Agonia Records feels like the start of a new chapter for Sadist and we’re very much looking forward to a great collaboration." Reflecting on the new album, he also added: "Firescorched is probably the most extreme, fast, and yet, experimental album in Sadist's career."

SADIST started out in the early nineties, having emerged from Genoa in Italy. The band went ahead of its time, with an adventurous take on the then-developing progressive death metal subgenre. Its presence was firmly established through an unmistakable style, detectable since the debut installment "Above The Light" from 1993, as well as following albums: "Tribe" (1995) and "Crust" (1997). After the release of "Lego" (2000), which brought about a temporary shift towards the avant-grade/core spectrum of the genre, SADIST went on a hiatus. The band returned to its proven sonic formula in 2005, having put out four studio albums since, and continues to maintain its epic take on death metal, featuring jazz and Middle-Eastern influences.

While SADIST never stood foot outside of Europe in terms of touring, deeming the band an avid performer would be an understatement. SADIST played before huge crowds as a support act and opener for such iconic bands as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Slayer or Motorhead, guesting at Olympic stadiums and gaining exposure at high-profile metal festivals as Wacken Open Air (1998), Gods Of Metal (2006 & 2010) or Hellfest (2010). The most recent trek took place in 2019, when the band toured Europe with I Am Morbid, Vital Remains and Atrocity.

With Talamanca being the only original member to persist through a 30 year existence, SADIST's personnel also includes long-running vocalist Trevor Sadist (with the band since 1996), new drummer Romain Goulon (ex-Necrophagist, ex-Benighted) and new bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Obscura, ex-Pestilence).

Trevor Sadist - vocals
Tommy Talamanca - guitar, keyboards
Jeroen Paul Thesseling - bass
Romain Goulon - drums

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