Main project of the Aosoth's live guitarist INRVI. VI was formed in Paris MMVII with the help of his komrade BST (also involved in Aosoth and The Order Of Appolyon) with thom they worked for years already on different occasions. A First religious act was conceived and released by Debemur Morti under the name of "De Praestigiis Daemonum". Four hymns of extreme devoted black metal with over 25 minutes of illuminated chaos, recorded in few days at the BST studio (well known for its collaboration with entities like Antaeus, Hell Militia, Necroblaspheme and many more). After this well acclaimed first effort, VI found its drummer, Blastum, who worked and still works for bands such as Merrimack, Aosoth and Ritualization. A new track has been recorded to materialize the spiritual unification between VI and Aosoth on a really special 7" released by Necroterror Records in 2010 and entitled "Angels Falling Down".

Using religious themes mixing French and Latin, the "number" is now working on its first full lenght album to be out via Agonia Records soon. "More dissonance and more violence will be used to transmit the VIth angel's message" - comments the band.