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"Mnemosyne", a title that derives from the Greek goddess of remembrance and the river of memory, cloaks an album of noir aesthetics and emotional extremity that took Aenaon six years to assemble. Masterminded by the Hellenic four-piece of guitarist & bassist Achilleas C. (Varathron, Katavasia), drummer Haris (Varathron), vocalist Astrous (Katavasia) and saxophonist Orestis Zyrinis, the album captures the essence of dark and heavily textured avant-garde black metal, with an exotic, jazz-like touch of the sax. "As always, we have been silent but creatively restless, aiming to a timeless creation", asserts Aenaon, whose Greek meaning translates to "the Eternal".

1. Psyche
2. Cartesian Eye
3. Synastry of Heartbeats
4. Pleiades
5. Trauma Cultura
6. Clark Nova
7. Hysteria
8. Mantledeath
9. Doppelgänger