Usurpress is a death metal-band (of sorts) formed in Uppsala, Sweden, May 2010. The musical aim of founding members Steffe Pettersson (vocals), Påhl Sundström (guitar) and Calle Lönnberg (drums) was, and still is, to combine the bestiality of old death metal and the undying hate of true hardcore/punk.

The band was later joined by renowned death metal-expert Daniel Ekeroth (bass). The members all come from different musical backgrounds but their common ground is the love and understanding for all kinds of dark and aggressive underground music. 

Usurpress has always written short, aggressive songs based around wierd, dissonant death metal riffs and raw, primitive d-beat drumming. It has to be said right now that this eclectic mixture of styles, spiced with handfuls of progrock and psychedelica, is not for everybody. However, most people will certainly enjoy their aggressive live performances.

The quartet’s debut offering, the 4-song demo simply called "Demo 2010", soon led to record deals with various European underground labels and so far the band has released the mini-LP "In Permanent Twilight" (2011) and the full length album "Trenches of the Netherworld" (2012). In addition to that, Usurpress has also found time to record split-7” with fellow Swedes Bombs of Hades and Pyramido as well as a 10”/mini-CD which is a split with international deathgrinders Bent Sea (members from Soilwork, Napalm Death, Aborted, etc). 

However, their new album "Ordained", recorded in the spring of 2014 and released on Doomentia Records in September, is by far their most complex and diverse offering ever. On one hand, the prog influences are allowed to really show themselves and take up space in the songwriting, perhaps most notably in the orchestrated instrumental pieces featuring acoustic instruments. On the other, "Ordained" is without a doubt Usurpress’ fastest, heaviest and most violent recording. 

The quartet from Uppsala recorded their 3rd album, entitled "The Regal Tribe", during the fall of 2015 under supervision of rising star producer Lawrence Mackrory (FKÜ, Darkane, etc). It was released in September 2016 on Agonia Records. "The Regal Tribe" saw Usurpress leave their deathcrust path for more uncharted territories. During the composing of the new album, the band was plagued by mental disorders/depressions and life threatening illnesses in the member’s immediate families, most notably vocalist/lyricist Stefan Pettersson’s battle with his bone marrow cancer. Therefore "The Regal Tribe" is a heavier and darker, yet more varied, complex and thoughtful effort than their previous albums. This concept album is a tragic story about life versus death, about vanity and the relentless passing of time.

Friday,  23rd of February 2018, will witness the release of "Interregnum", the band's 4th album. This time, core members Stefan Pettersson (vocals, lyrics), Påhl Sundström (guitars, music) and Daniel Ekeroth (bass, music) are joined by jazz-fusion drummer Stefan Hildman and ambient/trance keyboardist Erik Sundström, and the outcome astounded even the band itself. "Interregnum" can be described as "an unholy mix between Camel and Bolt Thrower, that somehow works flawlessly", so be prepared for something quite out of the ordinary. The album was recorded and mixed in the world-renowned studio Dugout Productions (Soilwork, Behemoth, In Flames, Dark Funeral, etc.) in Usurpress’ hometown of Uppsala, Sweden.