Hanging Garden

HANGING GARDEN was brought to life in 2004 with an early style that encompassed heavy, doom-oriented metal music. Roughly two decades, seven albums and a couple of line-up shuffles later, the Finns shifted to a more melodic, contemporary sound, which is rooted in dark atmosphere, and leans towards open-minded and playful musicality. While still entrenched in metal, HANGING GARDEN possesses a versatile, many-layered style of playing, male & female vocals, and draws influence & inspiration from music and art, far and wide. The group may appeal to fans of Swallow the Sun, Ghost Brigade, October Tide or Katatonia.

The band solidified most of its line-up around 2010 and currently comprises guitarist Mikko Kolari, guitarist/vocalist Jussi Hämäläinen, keyboardist Nino Hynninen, vocalist Toni Hatakka, drummer Antti Ruokola and bassist Jussi Kirves. Riikka Hatakka, who lend her vocals to the band in the past, stepped in as full time member in 2019, turning the band into a seven-piece.

HANGING GARDEN's last album, "Skeleton Lake", was released in 2021.