This relatively new doom/sludge metal band, formed back in 2004, has quickly risen amongst the ranks of Swedish acts worth watching, being nominated to the P3 Guld Award (Swedish equivalent of the Grammy Awards) for their debut album. After a successful and intense tour with critically acclaimed Yob in September and October of 2011, KONGH focused on writing their third to date album: "Sole Creation", released in 2013 under a new banner - Agonia Records. The mighty new opus was supported by a Scandinavian tour with the legendary Meshuggah later the same year, and a headlining European tour in 2014. The second part of the "Ten Years Of Doom" tour is soon to be announced.

The rest is history:

The first incarnation of KONGH originated in Vetlanda, Sweden in 2004 when David Johansson (guitar and vocals) and Tomas Salonen (drums) got in touch and decided to start a band together. The two were from different musical backgrounds involving grindcore, punk and blues, but had a common desire to play in a new band without any musical boundaries. It needed to be monstrously heavy, and with a total lack of restrictions in terms of structure and length of songs. That was the foundation of the band, and as a result, the two-piece started to meet in the rehearsal space every weekend, drinking large amounts of beer and exploring the depths of heaviness. At that early stage, there were no specific plans more than playing for themselves, and there were no real songs either, only endless jams sounding different each time. But as time went on, real songs started to come to life, and by summer 2005, the beast had gotten the name KONGH.

In early 2006, they had written four songs they were really satisfied with, so the decision to make a recording was made. They entered the local studio Teknikkompaniet with engineer Peter Lundin, and the result was the 45 minute long "Demo 2006". Shortly after, the band line-up was completed when bass player Oskar Rydén joined the band. The demo was released in May, put online and submitted to some magazines, and by the end of the summer, the band had gathered a decent fanbase and had signed their first album deal with Stockholm based label Trust No One Recordings (Switchblade, Breach, Isis). The rest of the year was spent working on material for the album recording, and by 2007, they once again hit the studio in Vetlanda. When the debut album "Counting Heartbeats" was released on 07.07.07, it became evident that 2007 was going to be a good year for the band. Great reviews, good album sales as well as praise and apprecitation from many new listeners started to emerge, which also quickly generated offers to play concerts and tours. The rest of the year was spent on the roads of Scandinavia and Germany, touring with fellow Swedish doomsters Ocean Chief and Switchblade. By the end of the year, the album started popping up on "Best of 2007" lists, and on top of that it was also nominated for a P3 Guld award in the "Best rock/metal album" category.

The next year, they continued to tour, playing shows all over nothern Europe, and being invited to play some big festivals like Roadburn in Holland and Kuma's Doom Fest in Chicago, USA. They also got to play support for bands like Neurosis and Cult Of Luna. By the end of 2008, Kongh had been established as a force to be reckoned with in the European metal scene, and in early 2009, it was time to enter the studio in Vetlanda again to record the second album. The result came out as a 60 minute long opus consisting of five tracks representing a band that had taken a huge step forward since their debut. This riff-driven thunderstorm, entitled ?Shadows of the Shapeless?, was released in Europe by Trust No One Recordings, and also saw the band getting a proper US release/distribution through Seventh Rule Recordings (Buried At Sea, Indian, Akimbo).

Immediately after the release in May 2009, the album got frequent airplay in national Swedish radio, and Kongh got booked for some of Sweden?s biggest summer festivals, including Metaltown in Gothenburg. The reviews that followed the release in both Europe and North America were even more positive than before, and got the album straight into the spotlight of the scene. Following the release of the album, the band focused on doing what they enjoy most ? playing live. The touring across the world supporting the ?Shadows of the Shapeless? album included well over a hundred concerts in nearly 20 countries. Some touring were done by themselves, and some together with other bands, including Switchblade, Ocean Chief and Cough. In 2011, Kongh were invited to do a 5-week European tour supporting US doom metal kings YOB, which turned out to be the bands biggest and most successful tour so far. It was also the introduction of a new band member, bassist Olle Hedenström.