Swedish death metal trio, featuring the members of Tribulation. Band's music is performed "fast, up tempo and with a bit of a crossover vibe" ( While Decibel Magazine pointed out band's ability in crafting "haunting melodies", One Metal wrote in a review that: "Stench bill themselves as blackened death, but they lean much more heavily towards the death side of things. There’s definitely a blackened influence, but if I may use a cooking metaphor, black metal is the herb garnish atop the smooth, creamy, progressive death risotto".


On a summer festival in Sweden, Johannes Andersson and Mikael Pettersson comes up with the idea to start a band in the veins of Autopsy and Repulsion in order to play old school death metal as straight forward and brutal it should be played.

They engage guitarist and songwriter Jonathan Hultén and the name STENCH is taken to represent the raw and unpretentious intentions.

Later the same year they realize that they want something more than just to dig up some old graves and desecrate them.

With this insight the first song "Reborn In Morbidity" comes out of nowhere and paves the way for a new musical direction; just as raw as it was intended from the beginning but faster and more furious, yet with a distinctive eerie atmosphere.

The days of putrefaction are arrived.


In April four songs are written, and STENCH enters Hvergelmer studios together with Olof Wikstrand. With the new material in their hands, the band establishes contact with Soulseller Records and takes part in the compilation "Resurrected In Festering Slime".


The 7 inch ep "Reborn In Morbidity" is released through Soulseller Records.

Stench recruits Seb and Anton (Necrovation) as livemembers and carries through an intense first live performance at the RIFS-fest Kafé 44, Stockholm.

Stench stops negotiating with Soulseller about a future cooperation, and comes in contact with Agonia Records.


Band's debut album "In Putrescence" is released on Agonia Records.


A new sleftitled 7"EP is born at the beginning of the year. In May the band enters Necromorbus Stusios (Watain, Portrait) in order the record what will be their second full-length.