NECROVATION found their way into the Swedish death metal scene back in 2003. After a demo, EP and a split release with Corrupt, the band gave birth to their debut album, "Breed Deadness Blood" in 2008. The record lived up to the expectations of many fastidious metal madcap's, and hence Agonia Records put their spotlight on the band.

NECROVATION's sophomore selt-titled album came to life in 2012. It marked a swift improvement over band's previous raw death metal style, with more classical and heavy metal elements, but still with the strong vibe of old-school death metal, that has been NECROVATION's trademark since the very beginning.  It held a strong signal for those who once liked Metallica, early Entombed and early Morbid Angel. 

"This is adventurous and daring death metal but somehow, I wouldn’t come close to calling it tech-death. It’s a totally different creature" (Angry Metal Guy).