ENTROPIA combines a number of genres, from krautrock and electronic music, to sludge and black metal, filtered through a prism of metallic extremity. With three studio albums to its name - "Vesper" (2013), "Ufonaut" (2016) and "Vacuum" (2018) - the five-piece pushed and evolved its base sound to develop a unique sonic perspective, drenched in psychedelia. The latter plays a major part in the band's image and conceptual approach.

ENTROPIA's output is met with growing interest from metal and non-metal community, having the group play Roadburn Festival, Primavera Sound, OFF Festival, Mystic Festival and a European tour supporting US black/folk act Wayfarer. The band contributed to the video game Cyberpunk 2077, by having their song "Future Drugs" appear on the official soundtrack.

ENTROPIA's members perform under a joint moniker ULTRA. Their sight is set on releasing their fourth album titled "Total" on Agonia Records.