RAGNAROK is a traditional Norwegian black metal outfit, formed in 1994 by drummer Jontho and then-bassist Jerv.

Band’s current line-up includes Jontho on drums, DezeptiCunt on bass and Bolverk on guitars. The group announced an amicable parting of the ways with their frontman Hans Fyrste in April 2014. Fryste has been with the band since 2005 and performed vocals on two of their seven full-length albums: 2010's "Collectors of the King" and 2012's "Malediction"; the latter one being the first released for Agonia Records.

The parting of the ways converged with a highly creative period for the band: full-scale European tour, various festival appearences (including the famous Wacken Festival) and the outfit's first ever North American apperance. RAGNAROK have not yet disclosed who will replace Fyrste in the line-up. Commented by Jontho: "let’s just say that we are looking at various options, some of which might come as a bit of a surprise to RAGNAROK fans, but we’re not prepared to say more at this time".

Band's last album, "Malediction", was recorded in Endarker Studios with Marduk bassist Devo at the production helm. It's "a bitter, vitriolic whirl; 45 minutes of necro-nastiness backed by corrupting, uncompromising passion. In other words, what the best black metal should be" (Popmatters).