Susperia may have their roots in Norway’s black metal scene, but it is merely a starting point for a band that describes their music as "extreme metal with melodic twists". A simple philosophy of "no boundaries" demonstrates that the band have no hesitation in embracing and exploring a variety of musical avenues with ease.

The origins of the Oslo based band can be traced back to 1998 when Tjodalv, then occupying the drum seat with Dimmu Borgir, and long-time friend Cyrus (Satyricon, Old Man´s Child) got together to share ideas and write songs. This developed rapidly into the foundations of what eventually became the band Susperia. By March 1999 Tjodalv had left Dimmu Borgir to concentrate fully on building a band that was capable of sharing one vision and performing a challenging style of music. A chance meeting between Athera and Tjodalv at 1999’s Wacken Festival in Germany would lead to the completion of the Susperia line up. Having been handed a CD of ideas, Athera was suitably impressed by what he heard and wasted no time in agreeing to join the fledgling band, bringing with him from his own band, bass guitarist Memnock and guitarist Elvorn.

A powerful live act, the band has consistently remained focused on the live arena. With numerous high profile supports to bands including W.A.S.P., In Flames, Destruction and Dimmu Borgir as well as headline and festival appearances, one of the band’s most cherished experiences thus far remains the invitation to be the main support to the newly reformed Testament in late 2005.

In early 2009 Susperia released their acclaimed "Attitude" album. Just before the launch of a UK tour Athera had a severe heart attack. The band wanted to cancel the tour but Athera wouldn’t let them and instead use a replacement vocalist. After auditions of several vocalists the choice fell on heavy metal singer Bernt Fjellestad (Dagon). Although he had little experience with harsh vocals at the time he nonetheless learned several new vocal techniques and preformed the tour with them with minimal rehearsals and preparations. Dagon went to perform on several other occasions with Susperia at times when Athera had other engagements.

After being in a hiatus for a while Athera chose to depart from the band in 2015 due to other commitments. Dagon was asked soon after and joined the band permanently late 2015. His first official concert with Susperia were on the 70000 tons of metal cruise in 2016.

There is new found confidence and determination running through the Susperia camp these days. They have been working on and off the last couple of years with a new album. The fans have been waiting, and finally, the new album is ready for the masses. Susperia describe that they have gone back to the roots in many ways, with a more "grimmer" expression on their new album, but still with the melodic twist they are well known for. Their black metal roots is more predominant than ever and "The Lyricist" will be a good old fashion kick in the head for both new and old fans!!

The new album entitled "The Lyricist" are now ready, and will be released through Agonia records this fall.

This is their long-awaited comeback album, and they are so excited to finally show you their new music they have been working on for years.

Predominance - Nuclear Blast - 2001
Vindication - Nuclear Blast - 2002
Unlimited – TABU Recordings / Candlelight Records - 2004
Devil May Care EP - TABU Recordings / Candlelight Records – 2005
Cut From Stone – TABU Recordings / Candlelight Records - 2007
Attitude – Candlelight Records – 2009
We Are The Ones - SMG Records - 2011
The Lyricist - Agonia Records - TBA