In the past 15 years the world of extreme music witnessed a monumental turn in black metal philosophy. A new, experimental approach stormed the genre and while many purists shook their heads in disapproval, a new age was already starting. As with every revolution, there were leaders and followers. While not being there for the initial spark, you can hardly call Thaw the latter. This Polish black/experimental powerhouse was founded in 2010 by members of such acclaimed acts as Sun For Miles, Searching For Calm and Furia. Their debut album "Decay", recorded in 2010, helped the group sign a record deal with the prominent Avangarde Music label (known from working with Katatonia, Ulver and Mayhem among others) which resulted in releasing their self-titled second LP in 2013. The original blend of black metal, sludge/doom and sonic experiments with noise, electronics and free-impro met with rave reviews from major extreme music critics including Cvlt Nation and Metal Sucks. Thaw returned a mere year later with their third LP called "Earthground" which pushed the band's boundaries even further. The album again was praised by reviewers and got top scores from the likes of Metal Injection, Cvlt Nation and Sludgelord. 2014 also saw the re-release of their first two works on an exclusive double album, followed by the release of the enigmatic, highly experimental "St. Phenome Alley" album in 2015.

Thaw is often praised for their energetic live shows. In the past they played along bands like Jucifer, Altar Of Plagues, Corrections House, performed at prestigious festivals (Asymmetry Festival, Metalfest, OFF Festival, Under The Black Sun) and supported Behemoth on their European "Satanist" tour in 2015 (alongside Bölzer). The band also joined the line- up of Primavera Sound in 2015 and went on to play more festivals, including Castle Party, Doom Over Leipzig and Inferno Festival. Recently they were added to the 2016 line-up of Brutal Assault festival.

"Thaw is one of the most interesting black metal bands that you will probably find out there. The effort that they put into their song-writing and performance on Earth Ground is insane, while their inclusion of ambient parts, noise influences and sonic experimentation lifts them even further in my esteem".
Cvlt Nation 

"This opens the door to a new way of creating experimental black metal!"
Metal Hammer (IT) 

"Depressive and modern sounding black metal - fascinating!"
Rock Hard (GER)

"It's hard to pull off the vicious/ beautiful genre but Thaw's Earth Control have done it."
Metal Injection 

"Thaw kicks other albums off your playlist to make room for its impressive scope and its ability to tug on your earstrings listen after listen."

In the wake of their fourth album which is planned for release in the winter of 2017, it is  still unclear what path will Thaw take next. One thing is sure: they will not remain silent for long...