The Konsortium

THE KONSORTIUM is a relatively new congregation, hailing from Norway. The idea for the band has been around for a long time, but it was not until recently that something finally happened. It all began back in 2003, when Member 01 had to move away from his fellow musicians in Norwegian underground act REX (feat. Krankmann of a.o. Delirium Bound, Yurei). Prior to this he had played in several other bands, such as Algorab (feat. a.o. Sir Vereda, ex- Gehenna), Arcane Art (feat. Karsten Hamre of a.o. Penitent) and agent-metal bastards Spion Z. He was also participating in the work of "M" 's debut album (feat. members from a.o. Delirium Bound, Virus, Audiopain, Pronounced "Sex")

After moving from Oslo, music still had to be made. Working over distance, swapping different ideas and drafts back and forth was now the new way of doing things. Over the years, this way of working evolved into what is now called THE KONSORIUM: writing new material, then get feedback, then rewrite, then get contributions, and so forth.

These days, Member 01 is still pulling the strings. It was his idea originally, and so he gets to run most of the show. However, as a somewhat reasonable guy, he realizes that sometimes a final result can be better if accomplices have their say in THE KONSORTIUM as well. Thus, on a regular basis, other henchmen and partners in crime from different bands join in and do their part as hired guns.

The release of band's 2008 demo was followed by loads of attention and rave reviews in the metal press - then suddenly everything went quiet. Rather than going into hibernation, the band has spent their time in hiding: strengthening their ranks and crafting their skills. Teloch (Mayhem, Nidingr, Umoral) has joined on guitar, and new material has been composed.

After more than one year in and out of SOS Studio in Stavanger and Crystal Canyon Studio in Oslo, THE KONSORTIUM’s debut, self titled album was finished. The long-awaited piece from this Norwegian best of an act was released in 2011 and featured 8 tracks of aggressive and technical avant-garde black/thrash metal. Guest vocals were provided by Erlend Hjelvik (Kvelertak); mixes by Ashley Stubbert (Pearl Jam, Nashville Pussy) and master by Tom Kvlsvoll at Strype Audio. The release landed on Norwegian charts at #96.