* Deranged was formed 1991 by a couple of bored teens in the southern parts of Sweden that basically wanted something to do on their sparetime. Inspired by the bloodiest and most violent bands of the time, like early Carcass, Napalm Death, Impetigo, Suffocation et c, and even bloodier horror films, they started to grind.

* 1992, recorded and released their one only offical demo tape "The Confessions of a Necrophile".

* 1993-94, the band released their first label-supported material, being the first and second 7" single, ("...the Confessions Continues" and "Upon the Medical Slab"), Quickly followed by two mini CDs, ("Architects of Perversions" and "Sculpture of the Pead"). The cover and the lyrics of "...the Confessions Continues" was considered extreme enough to be banned in Germany.

* 1995-96 saw the first Deranged shows outside of Sweden, with gigs in Germany, Poland, etc. The band has kept touring Europe ever since, and has to this date probably played ten times more in Germany than in Sweden. The video for "Killing Spree" from the "Rated-X" debut album gets played on MTV's Headbanger's Ball. In -96, founding member and vocalist Per Gyllenbäck left, replaced by Fredrick Sandberg. At the same time, the side-project Murder Corporation was kicked off, releasing 2 albums on Displeased, plus several minor releases.

* 1998, High on Blood was released on Regain Records (founded by Gyllenbäck), which is still considered by many to be one of the "classic" Deranged albums. "By Knife..." has been a part of the live-set ever since. Tours with Dying Fetus, Defaced Creation, Vomitory and Aborted, among others.

* In 2000, Deranged signed with French label Listenable, and the slot as basist and vocalist was filled by Johan Anderberg. The third album, simply titled III, and the fourth self-titled, was released, alongside a split with US legends Abscess. "Rogga" Johansson did some live vocals for a tour with Immolation, Decapitated and Deströyer 666, but was never a member of the band. The band also visits Japan, first time outside Europe.

* 2002: Anderberg is replaced by Calle Fäldt, and Deranged's most extreme album so far, Plainfield Cemetary, is unleashed, followed by among other a massive euro-tour with Vader and Arkhon Infaustus, and UK dates with Kreator. After folding Murder Corporation, a second side project is started: Killaman!

* In 2006, the "Obscenities in B-Flat" album is released, which is the last album with Fäldt, and the last one on Listenable.

* 2007 sees the trio become a four-piece, when Thomas Ahlgren picks up the bass and Martin Schönherr starts to scream. This line-up records "The Redlight Murder Case", with every song-title taken from classic Giallo flicks. Just after the release, back on Regain this time, both original members Rikard Wermén and Johan Axelsson leaves, killing off the band.

* The dead will never rest, they always come back - in the summer of 2009, the band is resurrected, with Wermén and Schönherr back where they were before. Thomas Ahlgren picks up the guitar after Axelsson, with Andreas Johansson filling the bassist slot. After some festival gigs across Europe and a short Russian tour, the band returned to Berno Studio in February 2011, to record the "come-back" album "Cut Carve Rip Serve", released on the US label Sevared Records.

* In August 2011, Schönherr departs, leaving Thomas Ahlgren to handle the vocals for a second Russian tour and the Rock In Solo festival in Indonesia, where Deranged grinds down a few thousands of Javanese youngsters together with Death Angel and Kataklysm.

* 2012 sees the first shows in Deranged's home town since 2007, where the new vocalist Anders Johansson makes his debut. The slaughter continues as new material is being composed, heavier and bloodier than ever before...

*In May 2013 the new EP "Morgue Orgy" is released on CD by Sevared Records (vinyl scheduled to be released by Bifrost Records), with five tracks showcasing the heaviest Deranged material so far. Also including a cover of S.O.D.'s classic track "Milk".

* March 2016, Deranged signs with Agonia Records and the bands ninth full length album "Struck By A Murdeorous Siege" is released the same year.

*The band's ninth album "Deeds Of Ruthless Violence" came out in March. Recorded at Berno Studio (Amon Amarth, The Crown, Witchery) in Malmö, it's the first album to feature new vocalist, Johan Bergström (Visceral Bleeding). Due to the virus outbreak, some of the band's shows are cancelled.

Deranged Full-length Albums:
Rated-X - 1995 - Repulse Records
High On Blood - 1998 - Regain Records
III - 2000 - Listenable Records
Deranged - 2001 - Listenable Records
Plainfield Cemetary - 2002 - Listenable Records
Obscenities In B Flat – 2006 – Listenable Records
The Redlight Murder Case – 2008 - Regain Records
Cut, Carve, Rip, Serve – 2011 - Sevared Records
Struck By A Murderous Siege - 2016 - Agonia Records
Deeds Of Ruthless Violence - 2020 - Agonia Records

Other releases:
The Confessions of a Necrophile - 1992 - self-released demo tape
...The Confessions Continues 7" - 1993 - Obliteration Records
Upon the Medical Slab 7" - 1994 - Malodorous Mangled Innards Records
Architects of Perversions EP - 1994 - Repulse Records
Sculpture of the Dead EP 1996 - Repulse Records
Abscess / Deranged 10" split - 2001 - Listenable Records