Mr Death

MR DEATH is a new band, but the members have been around for quite some time. Some of the members have played in legendary bands such as Treblinka (later Tiamat) and Expulsion. Nor of these bands are to be confused with MR DEATH though, which is a unique project. The music is a straight forward, brutal old-school death metal, played in the way we death metal should be played and sound like.

MR DEATH started in early 2007 after Jörgen and Alex had been talking for some time about starting a band just like this. After a while Jonas joined in and the band was slowly starting to form. In April, Jocke came in and now MR DEATH really started to shape up. After the early more sporadic rehearsals during the spring and summer, they started to work more seriously. Shows were booked and they all felt great being entangled in the band. In January 2008 Stefan joined the line-up was complete. Only a month or so after that they recorded a four song demo called "Unearthing" in the classic Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg. Before the recording the band had noticed a growing interest from the outside. They all felt that they have lived up to the high expectations, and the positive feedback has been utterly overwhelming.

In the past some of the members in MR DEATH have played together in different constellations, and everyone has a great deal of experience from various bands throughout the years. Combined, they have played hundreds of live shows. The combination of this, and the fact that they all know each other well, have made the band certain that they'll deliver every time when on stage. The first show ever with MR DEATH could as well have been the hundred one. To witness MR DEATH live shouldn’t be like watching any random band: it’s supposed to be a memorable experience.

In October 2008 the band signed to Agonia Records upon release of their debut album. Prior to this release band's demo "Unearthing" was be re-released on a limited 7" inch vinyl.

Discography includes: "Detached From Life" (2009), "Death Suits You" (MCD, 2010) and sophomore album "Descending Through Ashes" (2011).