Releases: Aosoth - IV: An Arrow in Heart
AosothArtist: Aosoth
Title: IV: An Arrow in Heart
Catalog number: ARlp105_R2
Format: 12" gatefold DLP (transparent blue w/ smoke)
Genre: Black Metal
Origin: France
Release date: 2023 re-press
Availability: Order here

Limited to 500 copies double blue vinyl with black smoke.

Long time sold-out, classic album re-released on a limited vinyl.


Side A
1. An Arrow in Heart
2. One with the Prince with a Thousand Enemies
Side B
3. Temple of Knowledged
4. Under Nails & Fingertips...
5. Broken Dialogue 1

Side C
6. Broken Dialogue 2
7. Ritual Marks of Penitence
Side D
8. Untitled