Releases: Infernal War - Terrorfront
Infernal WarArtist: Infernal War
Title: Terrorfront
Catalog number: ARlp028_RP
Format: 12" gatefold LP (black)
Genre: Black/Death Metal
Origin: Poland
Release date: 2015 re-release

Limited black vinyl + digital download code.

Long time sold-out debut album of INFERNAL WAR available again on a gatefold vinyl. Includes exclusive bonus track. Comes with a new cover artwork and lay-out.

1. Introduction to Assassination
2. Crushing Impure Idolatry
3. Dead Head's Empire
4. Be a Slave or Be a Lord
5. Crush the Tribe of Jesus Christ
6. Terrorfront
7. Salvation
8. The Grand Intolerance Manifestation
9. Dechristianized by Parabellum
10. Triumphant Outroduction
11. Christ Passion