24/Jan/2018 ACHERONTAS complete recording new album

Greek occult black metallers with ritual & 70's rock influences, ACHERONTAS, have finished recording their seventh studio album, scheduled for a spring release on Agonia Records.

The follow-up to "Amarta अमर्त" from last year has been recorded in three different studios in Greece, UK and Germany between 2016 and 2017. The mixing and mastering took place at Pentagram Studio with George Emmanuel (Rotting Christ, Lucifer's Child) behind the console. The above gear photo has been shot by VisionBlack.

ACHERONTAS stands at the forefront of the new wave of Greek black / occult metal scene, with strong dedication to spirituality, mysticism and magic, in both sound and image. As such, the band is considered by its members as an otherworldly project; a medium, where Hellenic metal meets eastern philosophy and retro rock. 

ACHERONTAS has signed a new record deal with Agonia Records in June 2017. The band returned to the label after their 2011 departure, having previously released the EP "Hermeticism" and studio album "Vamachara", both in 2011. The latter has been recently re-released on vinyl along with a rare demo tape and new cover made by Viktoria Polikarpova.

The band commented: "Originally crafted during the procreation of 'Amarta', the new material was chosen to become a separate entity, following a different musical and ideological approach. Exploring multiple crossroads the Coven return to the Atavistic Vision of Western path, at the source of their birth 20 years back, and  two years after last the Union release with Nastrond".

Agonia Records label manager commented: "It’s certainly the best album recoded by Acherontas so far. It’s actually one of the best Black Metal albums I have heard in years! The spirit of 90's is alive".

More details including release date, cover artwork and tracklist will follow soon. 

Acherontas V. Priest - vocals, guitars
Saevus H - guitars
Hierophant - bass
Indra - guitars
T.J.F. Valley - drums


Agonia Records: