Infernal War

Polish underground extreme black metal band, launched in 1997 in Czestochowa. INFERNAL WAR's cult status was gained thanks to its dreadfully uncompromising music, perfromed furiously fast and mercilessly precise.

In the past, the band was subject to ideological controversies, incitated by various politically engaged circles, which stopped at nothing - including manipulation. The band unambiguously put an end to all speculations, claryfing and propounding their artistic interests - with no political, ideological or religious involvement.

With one MCD released through Dark Blaze Stronghold and a split 7"EP with Czechish Inferno, the group signed a record deal with Agonia Records. So far, they have recorded two full-lenght albums: "Terrorfront" and "Redesekration". The band's thrid full length release, "Axiom", will be launched after an almost 8 year hiatus in April 2015.