UNPURE is a black metal band formed in November 1991 by Hräsvelg and Kolgrim. During the years ’92 to ’94 they released three demos until they signed with Napalm Records, for two albums, in November ‘94. Their first self titled album was released in April following year. The year after that came their second album "Coldland". After finishing that album UNPURE decided to leave Napalm and remained without a label for a while. During that period they found their current line-up, and recorded a very well received promo-tape. In the year 2000, they signed a deal with Drakkar Productions for another two albums. Their third album "Trinity in Black" was released in August 2001. During the recordings of their next album in 2003, the collaboration with Drakkar didn’t work so well. So in June 2004, UNPURE bought the rights for their fourth album "World Collapse" and parted ways with Drakkar. The band then signed with Agonia Records, and the new album was finally released on September 3rd 2004. In 2012 the band played a show at Metaltown Festival, Sweden.