Blaze Of Perdition

Blaze of Perdition comes to life in 2007 as the initiative of XCIII, on the ruins of Perdition which split up due to growing differences between its original members. Xaos Oblivion (vocals) leaves the band. XCIII and other members of Perdition (Revenger – bass and N.K – drums) team up with two new vocalists (Sonneillon and Ashgan) and with newly formed lineup they record 3 tracks, which later appear on the split CD with Pseudogod from Russia. The split itself, after many complications, is released in 2009 by NCU/Nachtgnosis in cooperation with Putrid Prophet Productions. While the label business remains in stagnation, the band spreads the Word through the rituals with the bands like Marduk, Koldbrann, Blacklodge, Horna, Vorkreist, Zemial, Watain, Infernal War etc.

In 2008 Blaze of Perdition record their debut album entitled “Towards the Blaze of Perdition” and again, due to many delays, it is released at the beginning of 2010. Thing are handled yet again by Putrid Prophet Prod.

The same year, the band records the music for 7”EP “The Burning Will of Expansion” and soon it’s released by a label known well enough – Pagan Records. In the meantime, N.K. leaves the band and is immediately replaced by Vizun, known for his participation in Abusiveness, Deivos, Moon etc. This is also the time when the second guitarist – Revenger joins up. Then he has to settle on bass, because the live guitarist Golachab becomes a fully fledged member of the band.

The second album entitled “The Hierophant” is recorded in 2010/2011 and sent to Necromorbus Studio for mix and mastering (Tore Stjerna). It is released in October 2011 by Pagan Records.

The following years are passing under the sign of touring and minor releases like 7” EP. The very same time, the lineup is castled – Ashgan and Golachab leave. Revenger is back on the guitar, and the band acquires a new member – 23 a.k.a. Ikaroz (KSM/Stillborn) on bass.

In November 2013 there is a car accident on the band’s tour in Austria. 23 passes away.

The band’s career is open to doubt, mostly because of heavy injuries and health problems of Sonneillon and Vizun.

Finally, Blaze of Perdition brace themselves and record their third studio album “Near Death Revelations” – it refers directly to the events that took place in November. Agonia Records decides to undertake its release.

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